Thesis Submission and Graduation Procedures


  1. After signing up to the system from //, 1 signed copy was obtained by filling out the "Thesis Data Entry Form",
  2. MA/PhD Thesis Originality Report; A signed copy need be attached to the back of each thesis and to the Dissertation Jury Form.
  3. 2 copies of the CD/MS containing:
  • Thesis (in pdf form)
  • Appendices (iF any, pictures, maps atc need to be comprest with winrar as one file)

Reference number that was given from YOK need to be the digital name of the thesis file and the CD/MS.

Name, surname, department, status and year of graduation must be written on the CD/MS and its envelop.

Important notice: The pages containing personal data like signature, resume, ethics page and thesis publishing intellectual property rights statement pages must not be on CDs and must not be uploaded to Library.

  1. A CD/MS Containing:
  • Thesis Cover
  • Thesis Turkish Abstract
  • Thesis English Abstract
  1. Thesis need to upload to online system: “Açık Erişim Sistemi Tez Yükleme Süreçleri”
  2. thesis publishing intellectual property rights statement
  3. International students check here (link ekle)
  4. For PhD thesis a paper must have been published or accepted by a journal listed at SCI, SCI-Expanded, SSCI or AHCI

“For graduation; 3 original signed theses with the above-mentioned attachments must be submitted to the Graduate School.”