Our Team


  • Münevver YENİÇELİK (Computer Operator)

OYP Officer in Charge

  • Dr. Emine Demet MECİT (Statistician)

Editorial Office

  • Süreyya ŞEN (Computer Operator)
  • Merve AYVALIOĞLU (Computer Operator)

Student Affairs

  • Ayşe DOVAN (Computer Operator)
  • Mustafa YENİAY (Computer Operator)

Editorial Office for the Board of Directors 

  • Nermin YAŞAR (Computer Operator)
  • Şenay DOĞRUL (Computer Operator)
  • Öznur KARADEDE (Computer Operator)

Information Technologies

  • Sevim EŞ (Computer Operator)

Chattel Goods and Purchase

  • Nuri ERDEM (Computer Operator)

Turnitin Officer in Charge

  • Temel ÖZDEMİR (Computing) (Computer Operator)


  • İsa ARSLAN