Hacettepe University Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Mission - Vision


The mission of the Institute of Science is to raise experts and scientists who are creative and open minded and make major contributions to scientific fields by providing them with modern equipment towards advanced educational and research activities in the fields of science, education and technology.


The vision of the Institute of Science is to become a leading institute which is appreciated and preferred in both national and international arena and which raises experts and scientists who are capable of creating an inter-disciplinary synergy and of leading the society through advanced educational and research activities.


The following institutional values constitute the basis for all the activities of the Institute of Science:

Transparency: Activities are carried out so as to be visible to all stakeholders. All people in managerial positions of the institute are responsible for their decisions, actions, and their consequences.

Equity: The Institute management never discriminates against employees and never treats them according to the merit system, and respects them for their labor.

Cooperativeness, Solidarity, and Sharing: The Institute personnel act on a cooperative basis and share their knowledge and experience.

Innovativeness and Creativeness: The Institute personnel have the right to express their innovative and creative opinion freely and they offer their opinion responsibly.

Participating in the Management Process: The Institute personnel participate in the management process at every hierarchical level, while preserving their individuality.

Seeking Excellence: The Institute personnel continuously strive for excellence in academic and administrative endeavors.

Sensitivity to the Environment: The Institute personnel are sensitive to environmental issues. They are inclined to protect and develop the natural environment.

Trust in the Future: The Institute personnel trust in the Institute's future success.

Respect for the Public Welfare: The Institute of Science respects the public welfare in its activities.